Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thinking about storage ideas.

as the seasons change and we are indoors more and more, i contemplate going through things, sorting, disposing of things and moving things around. the nesting affect. i love considering how storage can be incorporated into decor, in a sophisticated way, keeping with great design but keeping with necessary.

storing things, anything and everything can be fun, by color palette or incorporating a mix of different containers such as these wine bins, bowls, baskets and bread bins. and keeping the color palette light, evokes a less cluttered space. via.

a storage unit like this, i would store a bunch of mix and match wine glasses, new and old, tons of them, to pull from on a whim or mood. really lovely. via.

incorporating units into your spaces, hiding storage items is also key, leaving clean lines and uncluttered spaces, which we all yearn for i think. via.

this idea is just hidden storage cool. via.

lots of light, bright storage ideas going on here, in this bedroom. ah, and can we talk about that rug? really fun! via.

i'm one of those people who is not sure, if i could build a custom kitchen in my home, whether or not i'd like to keep it super simple or incorporate tons of storage areas as in this fab kitchen space. how would you design it? this, via.

i really like this sort of industrial/science~esque look of storing items, from glamorous to every day items, perfect in a setting like this. via.

what about you? are you a basket person? do you prefer drawers, open shelves, or hiding everything away for a more starck, super minimalistic look? i'm somewhere in between, at least for now.

do you have anything in storage outside of your home? are you looking for a better, safer way to store your items outside of your home or business? companies like safestore self storage are perfect for those types of solutions and for that extra needed storage space.

we're on our way to a fine tuesday friends! it's sunny here, i may take another run today for much needed extra energy, to get going on classwork...and then a mocha might be in order ;) enjoy!!

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