Thursday, October 13, 2011

santa & cole. shaking up lighting.

so, i've always known that santa & cole offers up an amazing array of super original lighting options, but now they've done it. they're lighting up furniture. these blanco white tables certainly caught my design eye. ah, i'm thinking commercially that these tablescapes would be more than interesting, more than eye catching. they'd be the talk of the town. and think of the possibilities?

stacking them, layering them, filling them or not. against a wall, this tablescape idea could be it's own out of this world lighting option commercially. wow, this idea gets my creative juices flowing.

these cubrik 36 table lamps (the name given from the rubik's cube) and the cubrik 100hanging lamps below, depending on the user, and the positioning of the plates, creates literally a different lamp each time they are used. different moods depending on how much light is allowed to flow from the plates. just oh so fun!

this light, santa & cole's "oven" hanging lamp can change colors using a dimmer or remote control. from blue. to red. to soft yellow. amazing in any commercial space. color theory 101. i'm thinking outdoor bar area (covered), many hung at different levels in a hotel lounge? hmmm, in a hotel room, hanging beside a bed, mood lighting?

santa & cole also offers up a vast amount of other commercial products, such as seating, outdoors or in, planters, outdoor lighting, you name it. if you have a space in need of lighting or product for your commercial and residential needs, definitely think of santa & cole for what could be. enjoy!

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