Tuesday, October 11, 2011

everything squeezed together~

So I got a lot of photos accumulated in my camera.
Today I need to rush a report... ARGH! hate it :( But like that how to go back to study!! Decided to destress myself by blogging!

Last last Thursday dinner was at this hongkong cafe @ ECP! Its our new favourite hangout place♥
Our main dishes are omg nice and we ordered like 6 side dishes! All so yummy :*D

I went for my first ever vegetarian wedding dinner, Babay's cousin's :)
I used to really love wedding♥ Its so blissful to see newly married couples. But now that I am older, I feel like going wedding dinner(s) can be so stressful. Thinking what to wear and how much to give for the bless-the-couple angbao :O
Jiarui & Jacky :)
The pimple on my left eyebrow is so obvious:'(
Lucky its fading now. I hate pimples! cos they always left scar(s) behind.

Wedding dinner is such a happy event (♥o♥)

SUPER big pen for the table gift~

I was trying very hard to focus my camera! Ended up only managed to take their backview-.-
The dinner was so nice~ :B
It doesnt taste like vegetarian food at all~ but it is too flour-ly that I was too full to eat the last few dishes.
ohminegod, the "sharkfin" is so nice. taste like real ones! So now we no have to kill sharks for their fins... you know, they killed the sharks in a horrible way just for their fins :'( I just know that Singapore is the top few countries consuming sharkfins!!!! Our country is such a small dot, how can we be top countries for EATING something!!!??!? :O
Okay, so I shall stop eating sharkfin now.

The best part of the wedding to me, is to watch their wedding video/montage~ especially those that describe how the couple meet~♥ Heart warming. and always bringing tears to my eyes:')

Vegetarian dinner = no alcohol.
So we had apple sparkling juice to toast to the couple! ^^

My pimples-measles-rashes-alike nails :o)
Actually quite nice huh. lol

I ♥ this photo of jr's.
He has such a big nice eyes, double-eyelids with long lashes, sharp nose, sharp face and good skin! irritating!! :( 

Last Sunday to Tuesday went to this conference... so sleep-inducing D: 
WORST THING: write report.(the one i supposed to do now!)

After the last day of conference, Rm & I went massage. So shiok!
Sakae set meal is so worth it~ :B

My favourite bb cream becos of my pimple-proned skin need more coverage & better care! BUT its only sold in Taiwan :(
Bought my first one on my previous trip to Taiwan, just wanted to try it out. After I came back and realised its so good but I can't find it anywhere else! Bought one from ebay and its finally here! $20++, ship from Taiwan!

Last Thursday date we went karaoke at TEN DOLLAR club~ \(^o^)/
We got disco ball in the room, though I didnt realise it until quite some time.

Knitted tops rulzzzz~
$10 club on Thursday, sing your way home~ :*)



ohmine, this is my favourite and its the best salmon don ever~ :B

Okay, back to report typing.

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