Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day Four: From Hongkong to Macau

I have to start blogging about my hongkong trip soon before going bangkok!!! :D With Huifen, Peili and her cousin. So looking forward. COUNTING DOWN...

Backtrack all the way to about 2 months plus ago. :)
So that day we woke up really early.. prepared to make our way to take the ferry over to Macau :)
Going to put the rest of our luggages at the hongkong hotel. Just going to bring a backpack and my longchamp bag:)
Must zhilian before go out.. its a MUST! haha
omg, I miss my brown hair but will never regret dying it black:)
and have to dragged my babay along to camwhore of course :♥)

Wearing my favourite buy from the previous loots ~ :D
So pretty~ and my toe nails, so pink.

Cabbing to the ferry terminal..
Aunty and uncle, Macau is uncle's favourite~ haha.

So the ferry ticket is about S$30
And the journey from Hongkong to Macau is about an hour.

During this trip, our passports got stamped a few times. From HK to Shenzhen to HK to Macau to HK to Zhuhai to HK to Singapore. My passport photo DON'T look like me at all.... so everytime I have difficulties trying to pass the custom! D:
Lucky I still made it back to Singapore.
I will change my passport soon... Jr said that if not, next time I didnt pass through the custom will have a lot of problems.

Just in case you got motion sickness.

Reaching Macau~
This is the Macau Tower~ :D
Jiarui told me that rich people take helicopters to Macau... and I thought he bluffed me!! haha. Until I really saw helicopters and the helipad! :o

Our hotel is MGM, but we decided to go Venetian first... for this...
The indoor sky concept.
So pretty♥
Its really like you are outside, with the pretty skies, pretty shops/buildings and cooling weather(aircon)
Its like Genting's.. but this is the nicer and has a longer "lake" :)
The person rowing the long boat(i think) all know how to sing very well. So you not only pay for the scenery but also the rower also will entertain you!

I like this round escalator, so special :) and it brings you straight into the casino.
One thing I love about the Macau's casinos is that they served you drinks(coffee,tea,orange juice, water etc) Lol, who don't like free and nice drinks right?

Kiss at Macau :*
Babay, ily.
While aunty and uncle are trying their luck in Venetian casino, I forced Babay to go walk around with me. They have A LOT of things to shop, beside casino :)
Mr Tall-man.
And they make sure you are entertained even while walking down their streets.
I love it there @ Venetian.
Nice atmosphere, cool temperature, a lot to see/shop/eat, superb big casino.

Then we took the shuttle back to our hotel :)
Our hotel is MGM, its quite a high end hotel too. Sponsored stay by Jiarui :)

Our room is so nice. I love hotel rooms. nice hotel rooms=very comfy.

You know in Macau, everywhere is casinos. Big ones, small ones, grand ones, new ones, old ones. All kinds.
It is really the gamblers' heaven.

While Aunty and Uncle went to try their luck in one of the biggest casinos, I asked Jr to bring me around to walk walk. And we walked to this really crowded place(forgot the name of the place).. but its a little late, most of the shops are closing.
Later in the night we all went back to MGM casino to play.
Jr & I played the Baccarat machine and won a little but ended up all lost back to the same machine. haha
Its the only game I know how to play and the most affordable. 
We draw like a professional :D

The hotel bed is so shiok that I almost dont want to wake up. Jr didnt waste his time sleeping.. he woke up early to swim in their pool! And Uncle went casino since early morning till we checked out!
Last photo before we left :)
This is babay with his most favourite top bought from Shenzhen :o)

After we checked out, we took the shuttle all the way to the custom to go to Zhu hai, China.
for the underground shopping place :)
All the good things are hidden inside.. but its simply TOO big area to finished shopping in one day!
yumyum milktea :D

Toh Jiarui is really a very good bargainer. Cannot stand him! haha. He bought for himself a very cheap and superb big luggage :) and we all squeezed our loots into the luggage.

Macau has this goddess who believes to protect all the boats out in the sea :)

And their mac served THIS for their LUNCH!!!! 

And Hongkong, here we come again~ :)

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