Friday, October 21, 2011

Day Five: From Hongkong to Singapore

Every morning standard protocol: After dress up and ready, I will camwhore :D
After we packed our luggage.. we still got time to hit the street~ :)
From two luggages to three luggages & three handcarry+one pink handcarry(not in pic)

I cannot remember where we went to.. but I wanted to go to this place! Its a famous shopping place.. AND I FOUND IT!! omg.
But its still early not alot of shops are open and we got not enough time :'(
The rilakkuma shop which is not opened yet :( 
I only can see the shop from its outside..

I love these vitasoy special carton designs


I still remembered the first time I went to Hongkong, I really love their curry fishballs a lot. I think I had them almost everyday but my previous trip, I didnt see any curry fishballs stall :( Lucky on the last day, I had mine. Finally satisfied my craving for them!
And it started raining, lucky my cheap umbrella comes in handy~ :D
Before we headed back to the hotel to go to the airport, we had our last meal in a hongkong cafe. 


And @ the airport.. flying back to Singapura~
Jiarui actually drank champagne onboard!!!
wore glasses cos I planned to rest my eyes.
 There was quite a delay for departure.. such a delay that I actually managed to watch finished a HP movie
And then get some rest :)
Even jr was tired,

Business class is so shiok. I think I will have a hard time adjusting back to budget airline. lol.

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