Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apt Project: Floor Plan

Just found out about this website from my brother in law where you could make your own floor planner virtually. You know what floor planner are, right? It's a picture with the whole floorplan layout of a house / building. All the architects and interior designer must have a floor plan to help them build and/or design the rooms in the building. Well this website called is simply about that. You could make layout plan of your dream home or if you already have a blank floor plan of your house then you could put furniture in it, you know...just to see whether things would fit or where the bed position should be, etc, etc...

Since I already have the basic floor plan including the rough size of each room of our future apartment so I re-create the apartment floor plan on the floorplanner website and then filled the rooms with stuffs that we're planning to put into the apt, and I loved the result (look at me, i'm loving my own creation, I'm such a dork). Here is the plan for our future "mini" apt that I made:

The small white area beside the bathroom above is the small terrace that we are so fortunate to have (I just love high-floored rooms with terraces!), and the dining room is behind the bathroom right next to the long kitchen that has a clear glass window in the end which leads to the terrace.

I showed this to my husband as a surprise, and he loved it!! Yayness! So with both sides agree to this floor plan I think this is gonna be our "almost final" layout, we still have doubts with the dining table option though, we either would go with this setting or we would go with a square table with 3 or 4 chairs.

The office room at the right bottom corner would double as my wardrobe area, but in our last discussion we change our mind and decided to move my working / office area into the bedroom and put the old office room into a full wardrobe area instead (wink ;p).

So if you're planning to move out to a new place or if you're getting a house or if you just love decorating or creating your perfect dream home then this website is a good place to start. You could see your floor plan in 2D and 3D ! Free membership allows you to create up to 6 rooms while paid membership would allow you more advantages for sure ;)

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