Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anila Dada Latest COllection 2011-2012 | A touch of Class,cut, Elegance By Anila dada | Anila Dada Eid Ul Azha Collection 2011-2012

 Fashion designer Anila Dada is one of the epitome of classic and modern fashion. Her line of clothing have the taste and snobbism -- minus the flashiness -- that make Anila Dada brand timeless.

Between her full time career as a Program Manager in one of Canada’s top Bank and with her love for fashion designing, Anila Dada brings confidence, zest and independence in her fashion style. A tonic for ...any wardrobe, Anila Dada Designs are intended to make one feel good within one's own skin. Her tailoring creates an air of unadulterated elegance, while her simple angular cuts ensure timelessness
Born in Pakistan, Anila Dada studied Engineering at one of the top city's university and graduated as an honor student in her class. The designer also took up Arts and poetry as one of her subjects of choice. These dualities have led to her expert ability in balancing the contrary forces of arts commerce within the super-brand.Source

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