Tuesday, September 13, 2011

White Gold And Diamond Rings

White gold and diamond rings

White gold is a bit more expensive material, but it has the same shine a perfect ring that anyone could think of! Brides today likes to have their white gold wedding ring. When white gold is set with diamonds, it gives a great look! White gold diamond rings come in 14K gold with diamonds studded with different cuts. Different cuts of diamonds are cut round, round, brilliant-cut, etc.

The best thing about these rings is that they complement one coat of color. But it looks great with a white wedding dress at a typical wedding day. Here are some pictures of the beautiful white gold ring with diamonds on them. They look absolutely beautiful, you all want.

So take a look and chose your

It is a 14 k gold ring with a 1 carat diamond on it. This ring perfectly describes the true love of a person for his bride. This ring is available in "bridal ensembles" category of rings. It is 8.4mm long x2.10mm wide. The group is x2.20mm 2.20mm wide. It has a diamond in the center, which has a princess cut. The center weight is ½ carat toltal. The setting of the teeth center of the head pin. The page contains the diamond stone is round cut and carat weight with the development said to be ½ of the Channel.

 This beautiful diamond ring has three diamonds in the center, which symbolizes your past, present and future.

This is a ring 14 k white gold with 3 diamonds 1 carat in it. This ring perfectly describes the true love of a person for a girlfriend. This ring is placed in the "wedding ring" category of rings. It x5.10mm 6.15mm high quality. While this is the band is 2.50 mm wide x2.25mm. It has 3 diamonds in the center, each with a princess cut. The total weight is ½ carat center. The setting is the center pin. Stones including round cut diamond with a carat weight and the fit is said to be half the English Channel.

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