Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding Ceremony Decorations

The wedding ceremony is the most special wedding. This reflects not only the couple and their personalities, but also provides an overview of the reception will look like. While the wedding ceremony of decoration, it is important to keep things simple and the subject of marriage. This will help you focus on the event itself, and the bride and groom.

Here are some tips for wedding decorations that you can use wedding ceremonies both inside and outside.

1) One way to make a special wedding ceremony to add additional flowers. Take the ribbon to tie delicate bouquets of flowers and pure about the pillars of the church. The flowers can also be placed at the entrance, along the aisle, and can even be hung in different areas deliberately chosen from the ceiling. Columns of the altar can be decorated with lace and tulle wrapping, and give hints of flowers.

The white flowers are the best choice for wedding decorations, as they add to the purity of the apartment. Add this delicate color as the dominant theme with greens to improve it, or you can use two or three colors of your wedding theme. The harmony in the whole ceremony decorations can easily be created using only the colors used to decorate room in bouquets.

2) Provide a romantic soft lighting ceremony. The use of Christmas lights on the hall light, and covering the cables, use strips of metallic colors. You can also use the lights to contrast or complement the colors with the rest of the ceremony table.

A good way to add lighting to the wedding ceremony is to use large candles. It is best to use large fires in the great church.

During the wedding reception, always keep a minimum of torches and placed at the entrances and exits. The use of alternative torches are a great idea to brighten up the ceremony.

For a site outside lights hanging on the ropes or belts to thin the most romantic ceremony. Use Christmas lights to illuminate the areas to eat, dance areas, and along buffet tables.

3) To improve the mood in the church, use colored ribbons and lace in various colors. You can choose cloth ivory, gold or silver around the walls, columns, and flowers. It also adds a different color, like magenta, purple, red, dark blue, forest green, and in small quantities. You can add these in contrasting colors, with two strips of tape together, gold is the most important, and a ribbon of thick, while the thinner is a color attached to it. Use them around the chairs, the desks back, and also binds the flowers on the sidewalk.

In addition to these tips, keep the wedding ceremony decorations, and a simple to use things that reflect your personality and style, so you can make your special day even more memorable, and.

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