Saturday, September 10, 2011

To Gusset or Not to Gusset? That is the question.

Dear readers!

Look what I found:   Crotch gussets in J.'s high end hiking pants.  These are made by Royal Robbins:

What an ingenious idea!  Now I think every man should have them, at least in their active wear!

Don't you think it would increase the comfort while not decreasing the style?

For example, in the Kwik Sew shorts I made for J.  Perfect Fit.  Absolutely perfect.  But, wouldn't a crotch gusset make them more comfortable for outdoor activities?

Have you run across this before?  I want to put gussets in all my man's trousers and shorts now!  I googled "crotch gussets" and found a jeans company  Gusset Jeans (really, great jeans but need PR help for that name -  - I originally thought they were named "crotch guesset jeans"!).  Here is a picture, courtesy of their web site:

They also make women's jeans - but I'm not so impressed with those. . .

Now other bloggers and messages boards have considered the idea of crotch gussets.  Fashion incubator in particular has wonderful tutorial (and great pictures of when you should add gussets (I hesitate to say it - "male camel toe").

Fashion Incubator's Article on Crotch Gussets

I am going to add the gussets when I make J.'s next page of cargo pants/shorts - I've added a link below to the pants.  And, I will do a gusset tutorial at that time!

                                           Green Pepper Cargo Pants

I finally bought some rivets from Tandy Leather and Jeans Button and will do a cleanup post next!  What am I working on - an elastic self-drafted A line skirt.

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