Monday, September 5, 2011

Tips For Maintaining Breast Health

How to maintain breast health? Wondering how to keep and maintain breast health, because we already know that the breast is the treasure of every woman. So important for women, so that the breasts are not easy to attack in several diseases, including breast cancer.

Here are some tips to maintain breast health:

1. Maintain Breast Health Tip: Reduce eating fatty foods

Diets high in animal fat may increase the risk of breast cancer. According to experts, a high-fat diet can produce a chemical in the intestine, which are connected at the same time, the bacteria that convert estrogen because of cancer. Estrogen is stored in fat cells of the breast, which makes the area more likely to grow into cancer.

2nd Maintain Breast Health Tip: Increase fiber intake

Consumption of fruits and vegetables are important to prevent breast cancer. The fiber in vegetables, whole grains and fruit can affect the metabolism of estrogen in the body, and decreases estrogen in the blood.

3rd Maintain Breast Health Tip: Eat lots of vegetables

Eat plenty of vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, cabbage, green vegetables like kale and spinach, cauliflower and radish Chinese, good maternal health because they contain sulfur compounds called indoles. Indoles really helps reduce estrogen in the body and help you grow in breast cancer. Only this type of vegetables that are known to impair estrogen in the body and prevent its development in breast cancer.

4. Maintain Breast Health Tip: Eating Fish

Research shows that consumption of at least three servings per week of fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines can help prevent breast cancer. Omega oils that are commonly found in fish can help strengthen the immune system and inhibit the effects of cancer-causing tumors.

5. Maintain Breast Health Tip: Eat Soy

Scientists believe that eating soy products may protect against hormonal causes of tumors. Soybeans and other soy products containing genistein, a natural estrogen that binds to receptors in the breast so that his name would not happen on cancer growth.

6. Maintain Breast Health Tip: organized sports

A study in which women do aerobic exercise 3.8 hours per week or more, breast cancer less than those who have never used.

Perform regular breast health boards over so that her breasts are still healthy and away from diseases.

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