Monday, September 12, 2011

Professional Advice For Summer Proof Your Makeup

Since summer temperatures to find the makeup literally melt your face? At noon, makeup perfectly applied to a victim of heat and humidity of summer and disappeared? Are you ready to go to Mother Nature and stop using any makeup in the summer? Well, now you can relax, enjoy the summer with these tips used by some professional artists from all over the makeup to be beautiful all summer.

Do not apply makeup at least 5 minutes after applying moisturizer.

• Use oil-free moisturizer or a moisturizer or cream.

• Use oil-free loose powder.

• apply a light dust of loose powder before applying foundation.

• Use a light liquid foundation or powder in place of the cream base.

• Use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation.

• When the foundation and concealer has been applied to a patch of oil built on a clean cloth to lightly press the wetlands. This color will last longer and prevent the cake looks like.

• Use waterproof products.

• Keep your lip pencils, eye pencils and lipsticks in the fridge.

• Before applying eye shadow eye shadow base.

• For the eye color is long-lasting eye shadow powder with a wet brush.

• To keep eyeliner in place, the color and look fresh, use the eyeliner pencil, then go over the pencil with a thin line of eyeshadow the same color.

• Limit the mascara a coat.

• Do not use mascara on lower lashes.

• After applying the color of the mascara apply a clear sealer on your mask.

• For lip color that last, instead of using lipstick, apply lip balm on your lips then fill with a lip pencil.

• To set up and shut up looking fresh face more professional attitude with a spray or spray a fine mist of water after applying your makeup.

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