Sunday, September 4, 2011

From Thursday night to Sunday night.

I love long off days♥
So this is going to be a very long post~
Thursday night is full of good food :B
We went Sakae and eat a lot of yummy ala carte. Too yummy until the main dishes kind of cannot make it :P
My makan kaki.
Lihao... regret for not coming right? :P

My all time favouriteeeeeeee ~♥
and this..... :o

Our main dishes are not that great though

Anyone know how to make this japanese style boiled egg?? Its so yummy and the Sakae sell half of this egg @ $2 lo... TWO DOLLARS for half an egg.

I officially not going to eat Sakae Salmon Don anymore. If you had Ichiban Salmon Don, you will know its sooooo much better in terms of the rice

After dinner we wanted to get Koi. BUT they are closing... and the staff stood in the queue to stop us from queuing :(
Being so thirsty... we bought two LARGE cups of ice lemon tea and coke from Macdonald.
Do you know macdonald's LARGE cup is really hugeeeeeeeeeee?

So huge that we all can't finished it.... and we are really "drunk" on ice lemon tea and coke.
Since Jiarui started his school and stayed in hostel.. we seldom get to meet. So last Friday, we finally got a chance to meet ♥ I'm having my make-up PH off and he got no lesson :D

We went to try KFC's new double choco eggtart ~ heehee.
Because of my sleepiness, we met a little late. And ended up everything is a little rushy. So we went IT fair to see the things he wanted to buy... then we go and catched The Smurfs movie ♥
Its soooo nice :D
And of course, the happy song.....
la~ la~ lala~ la~ la~
Sing a happy song
la~ la~ lala~ la~ la~
Smurf your whole day long.
Such a happy song, everyone smurfs it~

I like this phrase a lot ...
Next time you're feeling blue just let a smile begin, happy things will come to you :) 

My black hair get messy easily. haha. I guess when your hair is too black, its flaws can be seen clearly so need extra care.

Rushed to Suntec to get Jr's laptop & Jerry's printer inks and GPRS.
When we went over, its only 11+am.. the crowd wasn't too bad. So I thought "okay what.. actually its not very crowded". After we got everything and leaving for YCK, the crowd is so scary~ D:
We had to squeezed our way out with all the heavy loots.

Captured this during Babay's lesson.. :)
This student of his is so cute, when I walked past. He said to the rest, "她是Teacher Rae的女朋友!" then I waved and smiled at him then he blushed :)

Saturday night... I went back to prepared for the night! cos we are hitting the club~
Love my dress for the night~♥
Bought it from Xiaoxin at only $18(include postage!)
if you love it too, you better grab it fast! :D 

Justine & I went Vivo Bakerzin to get something....
A surprise in a box!
Its Peili's birthday after midnight that day :)
Learning to appreciate my oh-so-black hair :)

Justine and Huifen wearing the same sexy top! I am tempted to get one too!!! Peili also has the same top in green!
We are going to hide THE SURPRISE~ :D
They love my dress too. heehee. its kind of a sexy back dress and the good thing is you still can wear a bra(a black one is better) cos the black strip there will cover your bra perfectly well :)

Made a new friend of Peili, Kaijing :)
She's so pretty even with her short hair!!!

Kenneth came over as well. :)

And Siewfoon & Eekee who came over after their work :P
Our sexy backs~ heehee

Hazel came over shortly with a mooncake for Peili.. making her to believe that this is what we got for her that night. :) And she really believed it!!

Mr big-bully bought Peili waterfall!!!! :o
Trying to make her drunk!!!!!
Trying to capture the flame but failed. haha
Peili couldnt finished it.. and Kenneth helped her. That explained their weird expressions.

5 minutes before the clock striked 12am... we went to prepare for the surprise :*)
Din, the guy who helped us, making our surprise such a success!
When Peili was busy hugging everyone who wished her happy birthday... Din popped out with a cake!! :D
Happy Birthday, Peili!
You are one year old younger~♥
From Din. awww... so sweet :♥)

Pulled her up to the stage!!! :P
Dancing on the stage, Singing group birthday song and getting a free beer! :)

Danced thru the night.... with some of us being high, merlion-ed and giddy(Shall not mention names)haha.
Although we play and party hard.. but it comes to work, we are as serious :)
Who say nurses can't have fun? ♥
Peili, I know you enjoyed your night a lot!!! You are welcome!! heehee. And we all love you, you know it!!! :*

So Sunday I decided to just go naked face, okay maybe except my face base if not my pimple scars will be terrible :"(
My face so chubby like fishball

Taking photo with Johnamin... before his hair is all gone on Thursday! He is going to be enlisted in Tekong!!!!
Minmin, jiayou for your army life!!! :D

And we cooked dinner after we can't catch a movie.
ABC soup~
hahaha, and we opened the can of abalone which we kept for so long.

I know I looked horrible! cos no make up la~~~~ haha.

Dinner is so great♥
I had such a great weekends that I don't want to go work :'(

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