Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Diamond Jewelry Designs

It is known that the diamond jewelry collection that expensive. This is because it takes thousands of years of extreme heat in the crust to form a diamond. Moreover, the process of exploitation is a difficult and rigorous. The dazzling diamonds tend to stick to rocks under the earth, which must be separated by minors using appropriate tools and instruments. The raw gems are when mining operations are so sharp and shaped to form beautiful patterns of diamond jewelry.

From the unique design of diamond jewelry is only due to the cuts, which are made by skilled artisans with great precision and detail. Some popular diamond cuts are discussed under the heading:

Princess Cut

This particular cut diamond is often used in platinum and white design of gold jewelry. This is a characteristic square shape to make a perfect engagement ring for women. It is simple yet classic look makes it a desirable piece of jewelry among the ladies.

Marquise Cut

Marquise diamond is known as a masterpiece cuts. This is a striking cut thin, which is often used to create the illusion of a larger diamond than it actually is. Technically, its length is twice its width. This reduction is generally used in the design of large jewelry diamonds.

Round Cut

As the name suggests, a round cut diamonds are those with a circular cut on the stone. Even if you do not do fashion jewelry options, but the traditional classic elegance makes it an excellent choice for engagement rings.

Pear Cut

This is one of the most popular diamond cut. This deck is equipped with a special round cut at the base, to extend to a point. Preferably in the right cut diamond but has a tendency to offer the depth of the stone sparkling. Most of the time is used when a piece of jewelry should be given a longer look.

Oval cut

Oval cut seems to be another cut is especially popular used tires carry both a broadband or a long row of stones accent. This intervention is characterized by brilliance and subtlety, making it the coveted diamond jewelry item.

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