Sunday, September 25, 2011

The affairs after work.

Last Wednesday Jr planned a date!! :3
We went to watched THE LION KING show @ Marina Bay Sand.

Finally got to wear this black dress I bought long ago, its a multi-ways-to-wear-it dress!! 

We were almost late for the show!! 
Photos taking are not allowed once the curtains are drawn. 
But I really enjoyed the show A LOT!!
its really very nice :D

If you are interested to watch the Lion King show, please hurry!! Because they are leaving soon, in October if I'm not wrong.

There's a interval between Act 1 & 2... so we camwhored~ <3
If you noticed, I've changed my dress from a V-shaped dress to a tube dress, cos Jr said its too revealing. I really hearts the dress!!!! :3

We got a short notice about this Charity dinner last Friday.

General Surgery Scrub team 1/4 of us :)
We got scrub teddy again!!!!! 
Bought one on my own, G/S Team gave one each for nurses' day then this charity dinner also gave us!!
Lesson learnt, you don't have to buy your own next time! :D
Though its a last minute dinner, I'm glad that I still got extra dresses!
If you like to know more about this dress, or you are interested to get your own!!??

First dish: Cold dishes, its always my favourite!! :D


yumyum desserts.

Our table #9 won the lucky tables draw.
Although the pressies are like...... -.-"

And on Saturday I was on afternoon shift... bad! But lucky my companion is Huifen!!! So its a great shift :D

The best thing is after work, Toh Jiarui came to pick me up for supper~ slurpslurp! He brought me to this famous amos Bak Kut Teh @ Balestier. Its so famous that the whole shop walls are pasted with photos taken with famous people and the owner himself :)

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