Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day Three: Hongkong

haha! I know its going to take abit longer to finished posting about my hongkong trip!
Every morning, I had almost the same thing :) A plate of noodle with sausage, egg and ham with coffee. Then I will have a bowl of cereal with milk and a toast with butter. Come to think of it... why is my appetite so good!? haha
The colour of my top kind of match where we were heading to that day...
its famous for the Wong Tai Sin temple :)

We took photos with our own zodiac

Because I was born before lunar chinese new year. So I am consider half dragon half snake... I am always confused which one do I belong to.

Their status is really very realistic!

And we went to Central to take bus to The Peak! Actually we just wanted to bus to the bottom of the Peak so we can take the tram up but ended up we took the bus which brought us all the way up to the Peak!

Up at the Peak, the view is really nice! :)
And there's even binoculars for you to peek in, you can even look over to the another island! But staying near the peak isn't good... cos we can peeked into their houses.
This babay of mine is so silly.. he wanted to take a photo of us with the nice view.. but the sun is right on top of the direction we supposed to look at and its hard to look straight into sun!

That explained our weird expressions... haha. its TOO bright to keep our eyes open! =.=

After some sight-seeing, we went for lunch at the restaurant which I visited on my previous visit to The Peak @Hongkong! Nicey food with retro bottles soda!
I always wanted to go to the wax museum but didn't get to.. :(
Only managed to take photo with my lost-contact "boyfriend".

lol, I think uncle has the nicest pose!

And this make me miss Disneyland!! :(

Taking the tram downnnnn~

At first we didnt understand why are we sitting opposite of the direction the tram is moving.. but when it moved, we know the reason. If we faced downward.. we will fall infront when the tram is going down. its like 45 degree downward!! D:

then we cabbed over here for some shopping~
Taking the boat back to hongkong mainland!

Before I boarded the ferry, I went to buy this two really cute vitasoy from the vending machine! Thought it was exclusively Hongkong.. but now Singapore's Vitasoy packaging is also like this!!

Then we had dinner at some random restaurant near our hotel :)

That night aunty and uncle were very tired from the day walk, so after they went back to the hotel, Jr & I went to night market :D

Loots for the dayyyyyyyy ~ :D

Hongkong was simply too hot :(
And I thought I already post on Day Three!!! This post was draft for a long time.

from HongKong to Macau :D

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