Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Day for Teachers

Time flies.. August is over and September is here!! :D
Lets welcome the month with a day dedicated to all the Teachers all there.
I have four teachers beside me,
Jiarui, Lihao, Xiaoxin and Jerry :)

Being a teacher isn't as easy as ABC
Being a teacher isn't easy, you had to have enough knowledges, experience and/or skills to be one.
Being a teacher isn't easy, you need to have the passion so to have the patient to pass your knowledge and skill to someone who may or may not be related to you.
Being a teacher isn't easy, when you met challenging student(s) who need extra attention from you, who is/are different from others, who refused to learn from you, who is/are more naughty.
Being a teacher isn't easy when you have to mark the stacks and stacks of homework done by students or plan the next lesson for tomorrow.

There are a few teachers who left a very deep impression in my life.
I am very grateful to them :)


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